Big Data: Digital Hype, Digital Dystopia?

What is Big Data and How is it Used in Data Analytics and Data ...

Big data is becoming a more hype term in this digital age. The definition of big data often refers to the availability of very large amounts of data, more than any previous era. The data in question is digital data, so it is arguably difficult to separate digital technology from the emergence of big data.

The digital natives were born with abundant information availability. Their life problems are certainly different from previous generations. Sorting data becomes a problem, not looking for data.

Big data is a term that describes the abundance of information stored in storage. The abundant digital footprint is a form of the presence of a dynamic and growing big data. Okay, we already understand this, we also seem familiar with the term big data. Then, what problem can we make of this phenomenon?

Digital hype

Netizens deposit data to various digital platforms all the time. We use …

Educational Theory

teori pedagogi

Educational theory describes the way or model of explanation in the learning process or pedagogy. As a phrase, educational theory does not have a single model. Consequently, defining what education theory is is not easy. This phrase is more relevant to being seen as a general concept consisting of several more specific theories.

For example, we can mention that the theories of constructivism, behaviorism, intelligence, and so on are types of educational theories, especially if implemented in a pedagogical context. In the study of education, education theory also consists of several variants. There is no universal theory of education.

The general picture that is usually presented when studying educational theory is about methods that also cover the epistemology of the teaching-learning process

Practically, there are many learning models that can be applied. However, the general assumption that has become an agreement remains the same, namely that education cannot be obtained …

Maria Montessori Ecole Montessori Vevey

Maria MontessoriThe Montessori private elementary college system, for anybody who is involved in either putting a child at school or exploring totally different school methods, presents the best model for one of the crucial acceptable colleges out there. This allowed her to turn out to be the first woman to enter and graduate from Medical Faculty in Italy regardless of the troubles she faced and discrimination she had to endure. She worked in hospitals serving to sufferers and particularly children and folks with psychological sicknesses. Learning these kids, she realized that their biggest want was stimulation of the senses and activities for their hands. She learn all she may on the subject and received concerned with education. Altering from being a medical doctor to educator was a turning point in her life.

In the event you pick up conversational or studying textbooks for EFL and ESL students in such international locations …