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Nowadays, there are many parents who want to send their children abroad for various reasons. One of the most targeted countries to support the education of their children is the United States. It is no longer a secret that America has been chosen by the entire world because it has a different education system and also has a variety of high schools and well-known universities that have proud graduates. No wonder so many people chose the country to continue their education. Although very promising, but the cost of schooling in the United States is not cheap. Therefore, most of the students are eyeing US scholarships which are often given by various institutions.

For those of you who are looking for the scholarship, there may be so many questions to be asked about the scholarship. Of course, now you can get it easily if you know what needs to be done first so that the plan is more structured and you can continue your tertiary education at the desired university in the prestigious country. Here are some things that must be known before getting the American scholarship, such as:

Choose University

The first thing that you should pay attention to and prepare well in advance is the university in the United States to be chosen. As you know, in these developed countries there are so many very good universities and also quite well-known. Choose first the university that is felt to be the most suitable and also most suitable for what you are looking for. Not just one, but provide a number of universities that are also considered suitable for you as a backup. Find out about the right university by surfing the internet or getting recommendations from people around you who have more experience in this field.

Choose Department

In addition to determining which university you want, don’t forget to choose the major you want, which you feel you can the most. Don’t choose the wrong direction because later you will regret it yourself. Choose the most comfortable and also the one where you like because it can help academic grades. It also really helps you in choosing which university is the most appropriate for you, because not all universities have majors. In addition, of course, at a university has several excellent majors that you can choose and make you more confident.

Search for Scholarship Programs

At present, there are already many institutions that offer US scholarships that look attractive and are also profitable. Although there are so many, but of course not all of them provide the same facilities and also what you want. Therefore, you should be able to examine which of the best programs can make you more profitable and not losers. Here are some institutions that often provide these educational scholarships:

  • Government agencies
  • Certain universities or those that have collaborated
  • Private foundations or institutions
  • Philanthropic
  • Educational contests or achievements

Scholarship Forms

Nowadays, there are many kinds of scholarships given by these institutions. Some of the forms most often given are scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships. Of course all of these types have different programs and forms. You also can choose according to what is needed and also expected. Here are the differences between the three forms of scholarship:


The first form of scholarship is a scholarship or a form of scholarship program that is given without any direct compensation from the giver, but usually the scholarship recipient is asked to serve the country or company that provides the scholarship. This is the type we find most often and is most commonly given by universities, companies and countries.


This type of scholarship is a program where the recipient must contribute directly. For example, doing research, doing an internship, or teaching at the institution that provides the scholarship. Indeed, this one type is a little rare. However, some companies also still provide scholarships in the form of this one.


The last form of United States scholarships most often given by institutions is assistantship. The program is divided into two, namely where the recipient must conduct research as a research assistant, or even become a teacher or teaching assistant. The recipient may also be asked to do both of these things to advance the institution in the future.

United States Scholarship: Hunting Info & Tips